Suomen Keskusvaraamo Oy and the Heart of Finland Booking Centre in the Covid-19 virus situation

Suomen Keskusvaraamo Oy operates in the Covid-19 virus situation in accordance with the instructions of THL and the authorities. Employees should strive to avoid additional customer contacts where possible. That is why we ask customers to contact us primarily by phone or email. In principle, we continue to strive to postpone all bookings to another time if the customer wishes so. In all respects, we will act in accordance with our booking conditions, as set out below. The same conditions apply to both domestic and foreign bookings. There is no extra charge for the transfer.

  • the customer has the option to change the booking to another

    • if the new date is more affordable, no refund
    • if the new date is more expensive the difference will be charged
    • the new reservation no longer has the right to cancel or change
    • there is no separate fee for the change
  • cancellations of bookings are subject to the booking and cancellation policy

    • if there is a medical certificate of illness cancellation according to the terms 100 € + 16 €
    • if arriving date more than 1 month cancellation fee 20 € + 16 €
    • if arrival date is less than 1 month but more than 14 days, cancellation fee -30% of the price of the accommodation + 16 €, additional services (pet fees, linen, etc.) will be refunded
    • if less than 14 days of arrival, the amount of accommodation paid will not be refunded, additional services (pet fees, linen, etc.) will be refunded