Owning a cottage in the Heart of Finland (Kinnula, Kivijärvi, Pihtipudas and Viitasaari are in the Heart of Finland) or its surrounding areas enables the holiday home to be utilized for rental use. The Heart of Finland Booking Centre is the leading accommodation brokerage company in the Sydän-Suomi region, a reliable and well-known partner that started operations in the region in January 2020 at the request of entrepreneurs in the region. We are constantly looking for suitable holiday homes for rent: cottages as well as semi-detached and multi-storey and terraced apartments.

The Heart of Finland Booking Centre is known for the tourist areas and services of the municipalities in the area and Northern Central Finland. The central booking office serves as a service link between tourists and accommodation and program service companies. Through us, both individual tourists and groups get everything they need on holiday, from accommodation to transportation and program services to evenings. Our company also implements meeting and event arrangements inside and outside the tourist center.

Below are some really good reasons to choose the Heart of Finland Booking Centre as your destination broker:

1. The Heart of Finland Booking Centre is a reservation office for the entire region

The Heart of Finland Booking Centre Oy is part of the Suomen Keskusvaraamo Oy Group, the largest of which has been operating at the Kalajoki Tourist Center for almost 20 years. We are by far the largest seller in the entire Kalajoki area. We know Kalajoki’s companies, products, accommodation, ie the area and its customers sovereignly.

2. Only holiday homes brokered by the Heart of Finland Booking Centre can acces the online store

Our booking system has descriptions in Finnish, Swedish and English, as well as plenty of photos of the destinations and detailed information about the services. This allows the customer to compare, book and pay for their holiday home in complete peace on their home couch and they will receive an instant confirmation of the booking in their email. Our real-time online booking system can be found directly on our website and links to our website from our numerous partners. You can make your own reservations and monitor the sales and settlement situation with the holiday home owner’s online subscription. The owner subscription service is free of charge for the owner.

3. The Heart of Finland Booking Centre is one of the largest players in joint marketing in the region

In this way, we can have a key influence on the marketing, media and content of the Heart of Finland Tourist Area. In addition to the company’s own marketing, the brokerage agreement includes an extensive marketing package within the Suomen Keskusvaraamo Group and through regional tourism associations.

4. The Heart of Finland Booking Centre handles the brokerage of cottages thoroughly

The Heart of Finland Booking Centre handles reservations related to accommodation, reporting to the owner / maintenance person and settlements of accommodation income. In principle, the cleaning and maintenance of the accommodation and the key service are handled through the Heart of Finland Booking Centre’s personal service. Our booking system is based on prepayment, which eliminates credit losses and last minute cancellations.

5. The Heart of Finland Booking Centre is reliable

We act in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations to secure the status of a vacation home owner. The owners of the cottages we broker will have access to the Holiday Home Owner’s Guide, which takes an in-depth look at the brokerage process from the perspective of all parties.

6. You decide

You can give your holiday home to be rented by the Heart of Finland Booking Centre at any time. We put new items for sale immediately and in a real-time online booking system. You can make your own reservations completely freely, most conveniently through the owner interface. We do not charge fees for bookings other than those we make. All we need is your account number, two keys to the apartment and quality pictures for sale.

Feel free to contact us and we will make your holiday home to produce income. We will be happy to tell you more

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