For groups and meetings in the Heart of Finland

At the Heart of Finland Booking Centre, you get the best service and local knowledge for your group or event. Through the central booking office, you can reserve services for one invoice. A wonderful setting around the lake nature, versatile meeting rooms, a rich selection of accommodation and activities guarantee a successful event in the Heart of Finland. In the Heart of Finland, everything is within reach: the main services in the downtown areas are located in a compact area within walking distance of each other or, alternatively, the distant destinations are located in a peaceful environment in the middle of beautiful nature.

Have a meeting in the Heart of Finland

You can meet in meeting rooms of different sizes in the area or even in a cottage or apartment. Meeting facilities and catering services are also conveniently handled for holiday homes. Kalajoki Central Booking Office has the rights of a tour operator granted by the Competition and Consumer Agency. We package customized trips for your group in your home country.

Reservations and inquiries:

  • camp schools, class trips
  • meetings, seminars, void days
  • corporate parties, customer events
  • family celebrations, bachelorette parties, christmas parties

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Heart of Finland Booking Centre

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Meeting and Group sales
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The Heart of Finland is a great place for meetings

For event organizers

The region in the Heart of Finland creates a wonderful framework for organizing larger events. The versatile services of the tourist area are located in wonderful places close to nature. Extensive bed capacity, numerous meeting, restaurant and gathering facilities as well as diverse activities offer the opportunity to organize even large events. You can choose accommodation from a hotel, cottages in the peace of nature or holiday homes. We can also accommodate larger groups.

When planning an audience or hobby event, staff days, a larger meeting or seminar, we will help you with all the practical arrangements related to the event: space, accommodation and dining reservations, as well as program planning. We have good connections with local actors to ensure a viable event.


The Heart of Finland Booking Centre is part of the Suomen Keskusvaraamo Oy Group (Finland Booking Centre OY), whose largest and longest-running department store is Kalajoki Booking Centre. We work closely with the Kalajoki Booking Centre. Kalajoki  Booking Centre has organized large events, it is also possible to organize such events in the Heart of Finland region. Below are a few examples of organized events.

Kalajoki Booking Centre, together with entrepreneurs in the Kalajoki area, acted as the event organizer and host of the national OP-Pohjola Summer Days 2016. The two-day event gathered 1,500 OP toe pairs to Kalajoki to spend the weekend.

SLEY’s Gospel Festival was held in the Kalajoki Airport area in June 2018. The weekend of the event attracted a total of about 10,000 visitors.

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