I am under 21 years of age when making reservation, but i will turn 21 before the beginning of the stay, can i still make the reservation with my own name?

The booker must be 21 years of age or older at the time of booking.

The booking/payment transaction was interrupted and the item now appears to be booked in the online store. Did my reservation go through?

The item is “locked” from our online store for a while for booking technical reasons, and the booking is not logged in to the system or to the bank. The reservation can be made again about 30 minutes later either from the online store or from our office, if we receive information about this.

Why can't I book accommodation for the coming night?

Online bookings have an automatic delay due to a payment transfer, so online bookings can start no earlier than two days later. However, inquire about accommodation for the coming night directly from our office on 041 3171 676.

Can I bring a pet / extra mattress / lot or hot tub to the apartment?

– A pet can be brought to the destination if it is allowed according to the search criteria and the description of the destination. A pet supplement of € 35 will be added as a one-off payment to the booking, regardless of the number of pets.

– Beds in dwellings may not be added on their own. The property must not be used by more than the number of beds indicated in the description of the property.

– Due to additional costs (water, firewood) all kinds of self-imported or for rent lots and swimming pools are prohibited on the plots of holiday homes and apartments.

When does the accommodation have to be paid?

An advance payment (approx. 30% of the total amount) must be paid immediately at the time of booking or no later than 14 days after booking. The final payment due date is about 28 days before the accommodation.

By when can I cancel my reservation at no cost?

You can cancel your reservation free of charge by the prepayment due date. The Booking Centre has the right to charge a cancellation fee of at least 36 euros for cancellations made after that.

I have not received an invoice for my booking!

– If the Online Booking is paid in full at the confirmation stage, the booking confirmation / invoice copy of the booking will not be sent separately by e-mail, but the booking will take effect immediately after payment.

– If the booking is paid in two installments (advance and final invoice), the invoice (s) will be automatically sent to the e-mail address you provided for the booking as a single message attachment.

– Is the email address spelled correctly?

– Is there space in your email inbox?

– Our message hasn’t gone directly to the spam folder, has it?

I accidentally paid for the reservation / part of the reservation twice!

Contact the Booking Centre by phone or e-mail, and we can agree on a case-by-case refund or refund.

Where do I get the apartment key?

Our office serves at Putaanportti 11, Pihtipudas next to Shell Pihtipudas, in connection with Outlet Putaanportti. As well as Haapasaarentie 3-5-, in Viitasaari in the premises of the old co-educational school.

Pick-up of pre-booked keys outside our opening hours from Shell Pihtipudas or ABC Viitasaari premises using booking information.

The apartment is messy or there is something broken

Contact the Booking Centre by phone immediately if any deficiencies occur so that we can rectify the deficiencies as soon as possible. Outside our opening hours, on-call service is available and helps where possible.

I forgot to order linen or final cleaning in advance for the apartment

Contact the Booking Centre within our opening hours to rectify the situation.

The apartment is missing…

First, check the description of the property for what is included in the equipment of the apartment. If the equipment does not comply with the site description, contact the Booking Centre to rectify the situation.

Internet access in the apartments

If the apartment has a wireless internet connection, this is mentioned in the apartment’s description. Instructions for use and the password can be found in the apartment’s Holiday Info folder and / or on the bottom of the modem device.

The furnishings of the apartment were broken during my stay

Please notify the Booking Centre directly by phone or e-mail. The apartments are privately owned, so the customer is obliged to compensate the owner of the holiday home.

Neighbors are causing disturbance

The area is permanently inhabited, so the general silence is from 23-07. Contact a disturbing neighbor directly and / or call the general emergency number. The service provider or its representative has the right to terminate the lease immediately if, despite the notice, the customer does not cease to cause disturbance to residents of the same or a neighboring property or otherwise violates the agreed housing practices.

Where do i return the keys?

The key must be returned to the Booking Centre’s office or to our locked key return box next to the office door.

Why did I get a cleaning bill?

The apartments are always inspected after the residents, in which case deficiencies in cleanliness and other inconveniences are also detected. A cleaning invoice will be sent as a post-charge if the apartment had to be cleaned after your stay or an unsolicited final cleaning had to be performed there.

Lost and found

The goods found in the apartments during the cleaning inspections are collected for 3 months. You can inquire about lost property from our office on 041 3171 676.